Funding & Partnerships

FaceAge has the potential to have larger impact on how people view the aging process than any other project I’ve been involved in during my 25+ years of working in the field of aging.”
— Martin J. Sliwinski, Director, Center for Healthy Aging, Penn State
FaceAge is nothing short of a monumental work of civic art. It is unclassifiable. You have given the country a gift.”
— Richard Robichaux, Professor of Acting, UC San Diego

Current State & Expanding Visions

FaceAge is an extensible platform for artful engagement and education. Our award-winning work around aging has garnered domestic and international interest from leading museums, healthcare and aging organizations, and a wide sector of community and education institutions.

FaceAge is positioned on the threshold of global impact. Our ideas and opportunities require investment. You can support current and future FaceAge initiatives by becoming a funding sponsor. We also are seeking partners to work with us to build the next versions of FaceAge, as well as tour existing FaceAge exhibits broadly. Our path is exciting; we hope you will join us.


Make the next versions of FaceAge with us. Bring us ideas, challenges, and concerns; partner with us to build engagement and education programming that drives positive change from community to cultural scales.

Partner with us to expand the FaceAge vision: build new film series specific to cultures or communities (e.g., FaceAge Chicago, FaceAge Shanghai, or FaceAge First Nations of Canada).

Collaborate with FaceAge to inspire creative and intellectual engagement. Work with us to positively affect the health of individuals and societies. Help us support arts-based research and projects that raise awareness and improve quality of life in your community. 


We envision FaceAge as a vital worldwide archive of aging and intergenera- tional interaction. We intend to engage global audiences with multimedia experiences and programming delivered via film, television, and web. Become a FaceAge funding sponsor to support our bold development program.


We aim to tour FaceAge – intergenerational engagement and curricular components alongside the film environments – to communities large and small. Contact us to host FaceAge at your venue.


Explore partnering and sponsorship opportunities


Andrew Belser
FaceAge Producer & Director

FaceAge Seed
Funding Partners

Seed funders and partners who have invested in FaceAge through the first stage of development include The Pennsylvania State University Colleges of Arts and Architecture, Health and Human Development, and Nursing, along with the Arts and Design Research Incubator. the Center for Healthy Aging, and the Center for Geriatric Nursing Excellence.

Generous support has been provided by Barnes & Noble Education.

FaceAge creative partners include the Department of Film Studies, University of North Carolina Wilmington, and Penn State’s Stuckeman School.