FaceAge is an award-winning multimedia installation created from guided cross-generational encounters.


FaceAge is an immersive three-screen video installation presenting a 56 minute loop of interconnected chapters built around cross-generational encounters featuring younger (18-22) and older (65+) participants studying, describing, and touching one another’s faces.  The six chapters – Assumptions, Mask & Deception,  Memory,  Mortality,  What the Face Holds, and Being Seen – reveal dimensions of aging through footage and photos from participants’ lives,  and archival home videos.  

Enveloping the audience in a sensory-rich environment, FaceAge offers a portal where time slows and shifts, allowing a lingering study of faces rarely afforded in social settings.  FaceAge invites and settles audiences; it’s a warm and rich place where empathy can rise and assumptions can melt. Viewers enter at any point for any amount of time – each encounter provides its own experience. 


we are currently planning a national and FACEAGE international tour. 


FaceAge is not only a transcendent art experience, but is also a platform for community engagement, curriculum, and research. . . all launched by its powerful artistry. 



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