These cross-generational interactions form the living center of the FaceAge installation. these encounters spark deep  wisdom, eldership, honesty, emotion, surprise, and empathy.

"I can't put myself in the mind of a twenty, twenty-one year old girl. She would describe me as a grey-haired old man, that's all."        - Richard


"I feel like your twenties or around that age is when you want to be prettiest because that is the time when you want to attract people. I feel like once you get older it's not so much about attraction anymore. . ."        - Greta



"You have some lovely laugh lines around your eyes and your mouth.You have some lovely laugh lines around your eyes and your mouth. . . I can tell that is from laughing, it's not just from old age."                                                                                        - Eddie


"I don't think they have any clue about aging. I didn't when I was their age.                 I thought I was going to be thirty-two forever."                                                                                                             - Shirlee


"When I first saw your photograph I thought to myself, a very young lady, very inquisitive, beautiful eyes. There is a lot going on behind those eyes."     - Arlene

 "I think you can still be quite sexy when you're older. It just depends on how you take care of yourself and who you are. "    - Julia

"So when a strange white man did touch my face I felt a little weirded-out at first. Then I thought, you know it's fine. I've talked with him for about five minutes. He seems nice. So I thought, okay just go with it."    - Eliccia

Eliccia + Tim

"I think that's a problem with growing old. People tend to ignore you or forget you as if you're not important."     - Tim


Diane  + Bruno


"You don't really get to touch a stranger's face that often. So it was kind of like an eye-opening experience to just feel her face. It didn't feel like I was touching what I imagined a 71-year-old's face would feel like."    - Bruno

"There are things about me that I'll take to my grave. I think there's probably a lot of people out there that you think they're nice little old people but somewhere in their life they did things they didn't want anyone to know about, they're embarrassed about or sorry for."     - Diane

He said at one point, "You know my wife, we still kiss. Not as much as we used to and not as much as I'd like to." It’s gratifying to see someone like that still feeling like he's in his sexual prime like a 20-year-old man."      - Caleb



Caleb & David

When he touched my face and said, "I never had a chance to touch my grandfather's face," I felt kind of touched. . . I don’t know – I guess I’m an emotional man.    - David