FaceAge Offers a fresh approach to education that highlights and explores our shared humanity.

Having tattoos and being young doesn’t mean that I’m some punk that has no respect for authority and doesn’t see worth in the older generations.”
— Caleb, FaceAge Film

It’s just one of hundreds of teaching moments throughout the video chapters in FaceAge.

This award-winning exploration into cross- generational interactions uses the lens of aging to generate engaged learning opportunities around such diverse topics as racial bias, health and wellness, socio-economic concerns, and gender/sexual identity.

Building on the core video experience, FaceAge provides an extensible, high-utility, engaged learning platform that is adaptable to myriad topics and educational settings. The FaceAge paradigm and education- al programming modules are broadly relevant and flexibly applicable.

Time and again, our partners and collaborators utilize FaceAge in settings and learning contexts beyond our original vision. We challenge you to think about your educational programming needs and imagine how you can use FaceAge.


Amy Lorek
Director, Education & Engagement


FaceAge Educational Modules

The following FaceAge educational programs are available ‘ready-to-use’ or can be tailored to specific needs/settings. We also are delighted to consider collaborating with you to create new FaceAge educational programming modules.

THE NEXT CHAPTER: Use the original FaceAge script to set the stage for individuals or intergenerational groups. Minus the lights and cameras, this is the next chapter of FaceAge. Ask the same questions we used during filming to engender thoughtful reflections and significant discussions in your group.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION TRAINING: The compassionate paradigm of FaceAge – realized through the lens of aging – creates powerful connections between people, opens meaningful discussions, inspires empathy, and softens differences of all sorts. The FaceAge experience and engagement programming offer a fresh approach to education exploring our shared humanity.

CURRICULAR MATERIALS: Leverage health and life experience themes to match undergraduate objectives in human development, nursing and medical education, liberal arts, and science curricula. These programs are customizable and encourage inclusion of intergenerational groups in classroom experiences.

Course materials are already available around topics of:

  • Coming of Age
  • Life Transitions
  • Families and Relationships
  • Empathy and Mindfulness
  • Cultural Assumptions of Aging
  • Mentoring and Eldership
  • Memory