Community Engagement

FaceAge blends a core video experience with guided community engagement programs to examine perceptions and biases.

The combination of elements forms a robust platform that institutions, groups, and communities can leverage to foster acceptance and connection, dissolve identity-related stereotypes, and inspire compassion and empathy. FaceAge promotes positive change through profound human interactions – on-screen and beyond.


Amy Lorek
Director, Education & Engagement

Young, African-American, and gay, Bruno smiles, but his eyes dart as he says, “I’m very hesitant to talk to older people because I never know what they might think about me.” Arlene’s voice is rough with age, “when you get old it’s like, ‘get out of our way. You’re ancient. Move aside and let the youth prevail.’”
— FaceAge film

FaceAge Engagement Programs

STORY CIRCLE:  Create connections through storytelling. This small-group activity uses sections of Face Age video as prompts for participants to tell their own stories relating to aging, life milestones, or important personal relationships. Facilitated by a FaceAge  engagement expert, participants build memorable encounters among generations.

RESPONSE WALL: Immediate, visceral, and accessible, the response wall encourages viewers to share their individual responses to the FaceAge installation. Participants’ hand-written notes amass into a collaborative community- shared artwork that serves as a living record of a single installation and adds value to the overall FaceAge experience.

MORE THAN ME: One person’s reactions to FaceAge can be powerful. Reflecting on the videos with a partner is profound. This program – delivered via self-guided script or facilitated by a FaceAge engagement expert – enables paired participants to magnify the impact of the FaceAge videos by gaining the perspective of someone from a different generation or situation. One plus one really can be so much more than two.

MINDFUL WALK: Walking alone or with a partner creates a powerful reflective space for participants to consider thought-provoking prompts fashioned from thematic FaceAge threads of memory, beauty/sexuality, assumptions, aging in place, visibility/invisibility, and connection/ aloneness. The FaceAge viewing experience resonates and builds through the walks, which can be recorded and collected to create a unique audio artifact.

THE NEXT CHAPTER: Use the original FaceAge script to set the stage for individuals or intergenerational groups. Minus the lights and cameras, this is the next chapter of FaceAge. Ask the same questions we used during filming to engender thoughtful reflections and significant discussions in your group.

BACKSTAGE PASS: FaceAge creative director Andrew Belser shares film clips, extra content, and behind-the-scenes stories. Belser provides your group with an unparalleled look at the inspiring people who make FaceAge so special, how the films were produced, and what’s upcoming.

ARTFUL ENGAGEMENT: Create a film, story, poem, podcast, media project, or another artwork that reflects themes raised in FaceAge. An engagement expert will guide your group, facilitating process and production.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION TRAINING: The compassionate paradigm of FaceAge – realized through the lens of aging – creates powerful connections between people, opens meaningful discussions, inspires empathy, and softens differences of all sorts. The FaceAge experience and engagement programming offer a fresh approach to education exploring our shared humanity.