FaceAge is a museum-ready video installation and offering  a centerpiece around which to engage broad cross-sections of communities.

FaceAge is not only a transcendent art experience; it is also a platform for community engagement, curriculum, and research - all launched by its powerful artistry. 

In a culture experiencing significant growth in its aging population - and one that is increasingly divided along lines of income, race, sexual preference, and political beliefs – FaceAge proposes intergenerational connection as a vital component of healthy communities. FaceAge inspires audiences to reimagine perceptions about aging through simple contact between generations. FaceAge’s centerpiece is a powerful series of short films presented in a three screen surround in which viewers thread distinctive paths through the three screens, evoking memory’s continual loop through our lifetimes.

We also are interested in cultivating conversations between the old and young from disparate socio-economic classes or ethnicities in a given locale, and in documenting these encounters.  We anticipate that these materials will create a fertile archive for qualitative analysis regarding perceptions of aging, and the effects of FaceAge on these perceptions.  Through these and other means, participating viewers become part in an ongoing artistic project.  

A range of community engagement programming and curricular modules are available.