FaceAge is an award-winning multi-media installation created from guided cross-generational encounters. The installation situates audience members within a synchronized, three-screen surround where younger (18-22) and older (70+) participants can be seen studying, describing, and touching one another's faces, and sharing experiences and perceptions about aging.  This sensory-rich immersive space—composed of images, sounds, and spatial presence—uses the imagination, memory, and empathy in ways that can shift a viewer’s embodied experience of aging. 

The 55-minute film loop runs continuously through six sections, each focusing on a different dimension of aging within culture: “Assumptions,” “Beauty and Intimacy,” “What the Face Holds,” “The Body,” “Memory,” and “Death and Mortality.”  Audiences join the loop as if joining in a fluid and ongoing flow of conversations about aging.  The project intends to unhinge viewers from social circumstance in a loop of timeless human stories.  At some points in the work, time slows to permit a close study of faces rarely afforded in social settings. 

Face.Age won the [AGING RE_IMAGINED] film competition sponsored by Wake Forest University


Core Creative Team

The Face•Age Installation Team

Andrew Belser

Dave Monahan, Cody Goddard, Aaron Cavazos

Assistant Editors
Sam Askew, Adam Getz, Audra Blake

Nate Daniel

Sound Design
Bob Klotz

Community Engagement Director
Amy Lorek

Story Circle Leader
Bill Doan

Research Director
Caroline McDermott

Print Installation Designer/Graphic Designer
Emily Burns


The Face•Age Encounter Film Team

Andy Belser, Nate Daniel, Dave Monahan

Production Coordinator   
Mary Schweers

Associate Production Coordinator
Sarah Flores

Director of Photography
Glenn Pack

Camera Operators
Nate Pooser, Will Davis

1st Assistant Camera
Adam Fackelman

Production Sound
Richard Martin

Production Assistants
Patrick Johnson, May Rogers

B-Roll Camera
Jacob Joyner, Keegan Limbrick, Joe Mason, Hawk Vacarro

Face•Age Participants

Arlene Carver-Holmes

David Cooke

Shirlee Gearhart

Richard Klaess

Tim Norling

Diane Usher

Eddie Ledford

Eliccia Nichole

Greta Parker

Bruno Rose

Julia Schuetze

Caleb Ward

In Memoriam
David Cooke 1927-201