The FaceAge Experience

THE AWARD-WINNING FACEAGE VIDEO PROGRAM weaves together interconnected chapters in which young adults (18-22) and aging individuals (65+) reflect on life while studying and describing one another’s faces. The FaceAge experience meets audiences through an immersive three-screen video environment presenting a 56 minute loop of interconnected chapters built around these cross-generational encounters. The six chapters – Assumptions, Mask & Deception,  Memory,  Mortality,  What the Face Holds, and Being Seen – reveal a multi-dimensional view of aging.  

This series of intimate interactions challenges perceptions, fosters introspection, and builds acceptance, awareness, and cross-generational connections.

The experience is immersive and the impact, transformative.

FaceAge is a remarkably human space in which participants explore issues of identity, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity through the lens of aging. FaceAge challenges age-related stereotypes and triggers self-reflection around deeply personal perceptions.

FaceAge is an artful platform for community engagement, curriculum, and research.

FaceAge can span contexts, from diversity training to cross-generational community engagement, and can be customized for specific venues and needs. FaceAge’s educational programming and community engagement extend the core video experience, and the modular theatre environments are ready to deploy in a broad range of settings. FaceAge provides broad teaching/learning opportunities that can be tailored for classrooms, health care facilities, museums, community centers, and more.

Reaching Across Generations

Listen to two Dance Past Sunset podcasts interviewing Andrew Belser, Creator and Producer of FaceAge.

Caleb and David
David is 87, with a gentle smile, intelligent, compassionate eyes, and neuropathy. Caleb, 22, bristling with youth, reaches out tentatively toward David’s face. Bright tattoos covering Caleb’s forearm simultaneously counter and complement David’s white hair and beard. As Caleb’s fingers trace David’s jaw, he says quietly, with some incredulity... ‘even the scars are soft’.

FaceAge offers a rich environment where empathy can rise
and assumptions can melt. 



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